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Stouffville Lions Club Committees

Administrative Committees


Management Support Committee  

Chair Sharon McClenny

Members Chris Larkin, John Relph, Carl Vanseader


Members of this committee review our bylaws and constitutions to keep them relevant and current. They ensure our Club is following the ethics of Lions International and that the members of the Club are familiar with the Club Constitution and By-Laws under which the Club must operate. They ensure good financial management of the Club's resources.


Lead David Barthau

The audit includes a review and balance our bookkeeping to keep our club transparent.

Membership Committee 

Chair Kim Stark

Members  Kelly Forsythe, Richard Fronske, Valentina Nikolajew

This group is always looking for fresh faces that may be interested in joining the Lions Club. We think of innovative ideas that might attract new members and also keep current members involved. We maintain relationships with prospective members that have shown interest in the Club whether as a volunteer or with interaction on social media and what it means to be a Lion. 

This Committee focuses on how best to respond to the needs of the diverse community of Stouffville through assessment of the diverse needs, supportive projects & assistance, & prospective new member recruitment reflecting diversity.

Communications, Publicity and Public Relations  

Chair - Kim Stark

Members  Joe Boll, Kelly Forsythe, Sharon McClenny, Carl Vanseader

These folks get the word on the street about all the ways Stouffville Lions serve the community in our own area and around the world.  Especially effective with social media on Facebook, our website and Instagram, you will hear all about upcoming events and past accomplishments. Committee members review and implement current trends for the utmost efficiency - this could be for point-of-sale products, phones, presentation devices, etc


Public & Community Services

Youth Services Committee  

Chair Paul Crowe

Members Kim Stark, Valentina Nikolajew

The Lions love to celebrate all the wonderful things the youth in our community accomplish, such as the music and art program at SDSS, art fairs at the library or Latcham Hall. We are also involved with Sparks, Brownies, Girl Guides, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. These kids are so welcome with their enthusiasm when they participate in our environmental clean ups!

Health Services Committee     

Chair Roy O’Boyle

Members Kelly Forsythe, Joe Boll, Joe Cote, David Barthau


We are involved in eyeglass collection: diabetes awareness: support for people with vision or hearing disabilities through the Lions Club Dog Guides Program: support for Lions Club Camp Kirk & Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation involving youth with disabilities. Note, Lions Clubs glasses collection touches everyone all over the world. Donate your used glasses to your local optometrist or optician and we will send them to someone in need to give them the gift of sight! 

Blood Services Committee

Lead: Roy O'Boyle

Members Ivan Harris

The Lions Club assists with the blood drive with Canadian Blood Services each collection event. Check our website for dates and how to register. We are the snack volunteers at the clinics. Be sure to say hello!

Vision Screening Committee

Lead: David Barthau

Members Joe Boll, Joe Cote Sharon McClenny, Roy O'Boyle


This is such a great step to ensure that children are provided an excellent start to their vision care needs. We partner with schools to provide simple vision testing to identify any challenges that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, and then direct them to a full vision test at a local optometrist.

Christmas Activities

Christmas Toy Drive

Chair Kim Stark

Members Kelly Forsythe, Richard Fronske, Valentina Nikolajew


For over 40 years, Stouffville residents have been so generous with their donations to the annual toy drive. The Lions take applications from families in town and distribute the donated toys so everyone has a wonderful holiday season. During Covid-19 the toy drive has evolved into a gift card drive which is an overwhelming success.


Santa Claus Parade 

Chair Joe Cote

Members Joe Boll, Kelly Forsythe, Richard Fronske, Bill Hodges, Ken Hodges, Sharon McClenny


We love a parade!! Stouffville Lions has recovered a beautiful train that has been painstakingly restored

and is used as a float for the parade. It's really a thing of beauty and we love waving to all the Stouffvillagers lining the streets.




Environmental Services

Chair Kim Stark

Members Joe Boll, Kelly Forsythe, Roger Davidson


We love this big rock we call Earth. The Lions organize monthly community clean ups, which is a great opportunity for neighbours to come together. It's also a great way for high school students to get some volunteer hours and for Guides and Scouts to earn badges. We have also had great success with our Trees of Hope over the last couple of years. We do mass plantings and offer free tree seedlings to the community to create more green space. Let's keep Stouffville beautiful.

Trees of Hope

Lead Kim Stark

Members Kelly Forsythe, Denis Flanagan

Annually the club distributes free of charge seedlings for the residents to plant on their own property.  Varieties have consisted of Evergreens and Native Trees and Shrubs.  In total over the 3 years of this project we have donated 3,400 trees / shrubs and the popularity of the project continues to grow!


Fundraising  Projects / Committees

Christmas Tree Sales 

Chair Chris Larkin

Members Joe Boll, Joe Cote, Kelly Forsythe, Bill Hodges, Ken Hodges, Sharon McClenny


Our biggest fundraiser!  Meet us at the Canadian Tire parking lot during the holiday season and pick out a beautiful Christmas tree. The best part is all the proceeds from the sales of trees go back into the community!

Rubber Ducky Races Committee



This is such a great fundraiser during the spring and a ton of fun to participate in! Sponsor your duck and watch it go down the creek at Memorial Park. Winners get bragging rights and some great prizes. This usually runs during the Strawberry Festival. Join us to watch the race and cheer on your duck!


Food Services Committee

Chair Tim Rochacewich

Members Joe Boll, Joe Cote, Kelly Forsythe, Richard Fronske, Bill Hodges, Carl Vanseader, John Relph


Did you know that the Lions are fully equipped to cook for your next barbeque or event? We have licensed food service handlers that can prepare for your next school fundraiser or company bbq!

You provide the food and we provide the service!!


Lions Foundation of Canada - Walk for Dog Guides 

Chair Carl Vanseader

Members Joe Boll, Joe Cote

Wow - it can cost up to $36 000 to train a service or guide dog! It is such a necessary cause, and we are happy to support it, and to contribute to this worthy cause. There are 7 different programs in which Dog Guides are trained to assist with their handlers' challenges. We collect money through fundraisers such as the Walk for Dog Guides and selling calendars to contribute to this worthy cause.

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