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Welcome to the 
Lions Club of Stouffville
Bottle Shed

The members of the Lions Club of Stouffville were honoured when we were asked to take over the labour of love from Shaen of her original BOTTLE SHED FOUNDATION

Their original mantra was ... We are a non profit organisation that supports local charities and causes. We also provide work environment for intellectually disabled or developmentally delayed adults preparing them for their futures. Our main source of fundraising is through donations.  

Who couldn't love this! 

We jumped at the opportunity and we hope that though it has taken what seems like forever to get this off the ground; our community will support this venture with even bigger hearts & effort than Shaen's original venture received.  Now that's saying something.

We are continuing with the foundation of the Able Network as our fundamental support and volunteers.  We will start with a variety of hours, hoping that we can offer open times that will fit everyones needs; however, should you need us to, we can coordinate a pickup at your residence or place of business.  Reach out to

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The Bottle Shed Story

If you are having a party, we would love the opportunity to pick up after it, helping to keep the empties out of the landfill and we will return them all to the BEER STORE!


We run on empties and donations!


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