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Annual Vision Screening
 of Senior Kindergarten Students 

All Senior Kindergarten students within Stouffville are eligible to have their vision screened free of charge by the Lions Club of Stouffville.  Please confirm with your school if they are registered and if not, please have them contact us at  

Paused of course during the pandemic; the Vision Screening Project completed for 2018-19 had 11 schools where Lions and friends of Lions performed the screenings.


Permission slips went out to all students and we received permission from 388 students This year the parent /guardian had the option of sharing the results with the teacher/ school and a number did select that option. All parents are encouraged to have their child see an eye care professional, for a full and comprehensive eye exam even if they passed all three tests.


The Screenings involved all volunteers to have a current Police Vulnerable Sector Screening or a signed declaration with a recent PVSC. This limited members from volunteering since the checks had to be well in advance of the date and in all cases a trip to the reporting centre to show documented identification proof and for some finger printing.


We again used the Plus Optix photo screener this year, however we noticed a higher than normal referral rate.


This project is very labour intensive, but very enjoyable and beneficial for the community. The project was preformed over a 3 week period; with screening taking place on 9 days; involving 14 volunteers, with approximately 173 hours.  For further details please confirm with your school or contact us at

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